Mr. John F. Scarpa

Since 1985, FoundCare has called on the community to help meet its mission to provide quality healthcare and social services for all individuals and families. Although many individuals, foundations, and sponsors have given generously to FoundCare, one philanthropist stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic when FoundCare needed him most.

John F. Scarpa, Founder and former President and Chief Operating Officer of American Cellular Network Corporation and Co-Founder of UNITEL Wireless Communications Systems, donated KN95 masks to FoundCare when supplies were hard to find. When FoundCare kept their health centers open despite other health center closures in the community, Mr. Scarpa donated state-of-the-art no-contact body temperature scanners to all FoundCare health centers. When FoundCare announced their plan to build a new health center at 5867 Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Mr. Scarpa not only gave generously to help complete the project but also rallied other community members to get behind FoundCare’s mission. These extraordinary individuals and foundations include Diane and Marc Spilker, Irina and Marcel Van Poecke Foundation, Addison Hines Charitable Trust, Sondra and David S. Mack, Palm Beach Country Club Foundation, Michael and Mary Ann Pontano, Howard and Judy Bernick, and Joel M. Pashcow to name a few.

“We must all recognize that the most important thing you can do is care for other people,” said Scarpa. “Aside from everything else in this world, caring for individuals, caring for those who are less fortunate, caring for those with significant medical issues, and just caring in general for everyone in our lives is important. I am very proud to be a part of FoundCare and what they do for our community.”