FoundCare has partnered with the Promise Fund of Florida to pilot an innovative program designed to help people with breast and cervical cancer access critical services. Through a generous grant provided by the Promise Fund, FoundCare was able to designate a team of navigators to guide and support patients through the process of cancer screenings.

The Promise Fund Navigator Program covers the full spectrum of care including education about breast and cervical cancer and linking people at risk to mammogram screenings and PAP smears. For those diagnosed with cancer, FoundCare’s navigators will identify the best resources to facilitate their treatment and meet other daily needs.

One of the largest challenges faced when getting a diagnosis of cancer is not knowing where to turn for assistance. The Promise Fund has recognized this need in our community, and FoundCare’s navigators are ready to help guide and support patients through the process of accessing care and other services.

Those diagnosed will receive follow-up services, as well as resources for such assistance as transportation to medical treatment and access to financial assistance for rent, food and other needs that can be strained by a cancer diagnosis. As a pilot program, FoundCare will work closely with the Promise Fund to collect data to document the services provided and document the large need for services, especially for those who are uninsured.

FoundCare is currently working with existing patients who receive their primary care through our Palm Springs and North Palm Beach health centers. Many women at risk for breast and cervical cancer often come to FoundCare without a history of prior routine screenings.

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