To our Patients:

FoundCare Health Center patients will be notified and given means to file concerns or complaints regarding the quality of services received at or in conjunction with their health care provided by the health center.  FoundCare staff will address the identified issues in a timely manner in an effort to remedy problems that may impede receipt of quality continuity of health care.

  1.  Patient Rights and Responsibility notices will be posted in plain sight on bulletin boards throughout the health center.  A Patient Rights and Responsibility notice is also posted on the FoundCare website.
  2. Patient’s identifying an issue or concern to any staff, who cannot adequately resolve the issue at this level will be given the opportunity to complete a written grievance and provided a patient complaint form and/or to speak to the Center Manager or designee.
  3. If possible, a meeting or phone response to the patient within one day to discuss the details of the incident.  The Center Manager, or designee, will review the incident with the immediate staff involved and review the medical chart or related documentation related to the event.
  4. Based on the outcome of the document review, patient and staff interview, the Center Manager will implement a plan of action to address the identified issue with the immediate goal of continuity of care.
  5. If the grievance pertains to the documented behavior or practice of a staff that is not consistent with FoundCare policies and procedures, the Center Manager and direct supervisor will initiate procedures to address the staff behavior to include counseling, training, monitoring or termination if the issue is not resolved.
  6. If the patient is not satisfied with the first level of response to correct or address the issue, the patient will be given the opportunity to have their complaint reviewed by the Chief Operating Officer.  If the issue cannot be rectified for the patient at this level, FoundCare Health Center will assist with referrals for care to alternate health care facilities.
  7. Patient complaints will be reviewed by the monthly Quality Improvement Committee to determine contributing factors for types of patient grievances and to determine if policies and procedures need to be modified to prevent re-occurring issues.
  8. A summary of patient complaints, grievances and resolutions will be reported to the CEO and Board of Directors quarterly.

If you should have any questions about our grievance policy you can contact us at 561-432-5849.