Pictured are The School District of Palm Beach County Wellness Promotion Taskforce representatives with FoundCare CEO Christopher Irizarry, Community Outreach & Engagement Manager Millie Rodriguez, and Board President Vivianne Jean-Francois. 

In a heartfelt celebration on May 3rd, FoundCare was awarded the prestigious "Community Outreach Champions" award by The School District of Palm Beach County's Wellness Promotion Taskforce. The ceremony, themed 'Lighting the Way: Spotlight on Wellness,' recognized FoundCare's unwavering dedication to promoting wellness and supporting the community.

Held in a beautifully decorated venue that echoed the evening's theme, the ceremony was a testament to the collective efforts of organizations committed to enhancing community well-being. FoundCare's representatives beamed with pride as they accepted the award, which symbolizes the impact of their continuous efforts in community outreach and health promotion.

FoundCare CEO Christopher Irizarry expressed profound gratitude for the recognition. "Receiving the 'Community Outreach Champions' award is an incredible honor for FoundCare. This award is a testament to our team's hard work, dedication, and passion for serving our community. We are committed to continuing our efforts and being there for our community, now and always," said Irizarry.

The Wellness Promotion Taskforce, part of The School District of Palm Beach County, plays a critical role in fostering collaboration between the district and community partners to promote healthier lives. The task force's mission is to create an educational forum that encourages a proactive approach to addressing the health, wellness, and safety of students, staff, parents, and the community. Their ultimate goal is to improve student performance by holistically addressing wellness and promoting positive health habits.

FoundCare's initiatives align seamlessly with the Wellness Promotion Taskforce's objectives. Their numerous outreach efforts, such as free health screenings, educational programs, wellness workshops, and partnerships with local schools, contribute significantly to the task force's mission. By providing accessible health services and promoting wellness education, FoundCare helps foster a healthier community, directly supporting the task force's goals.

The award ceremony was more than just a recognition of past achievements; it was a call to continue the vital work of promoting wellness. The "Community Outreach Champions" award is a symbol of FoundCare's impact and the positive changes they have brought to the community. It stands as a reminder of what can be achieved when a dedicated team works tirelessly for the well-being of others.

FoundCare's commitment to community health is unwavering. As they celebrate this significant milestone, they remain focused on their mission to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare services to all, regardless of their ability to pay. This dedication is evident in their continuous efforts to adapt and respond to the evolving needs of the community.

In the words of CEO Christopher Irizarry, "This award is for our community, who inspire us every day to do better and be better. We will always be here, lighting the way to a healthier, brighter future for all."