Pictured left to right on the lot where FoundCare's new Riviera Beach health center will be located: FoundCare Board Member Dr. David Dodson, FoundCare Board Member Ken Druskin, Riviera Beach Mayor Ronnie Felder, FoundCare Chief Executive Officer Christopher Irizarry, and Riviera Beach Health Initiative Chair Kerry Ann-Dixon.

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FoundCare, now celebrating 20 years of providing quality and affordable health care to everyone, including underserved and uninsured individuals and families, is beginning construction of a new community health center that will provide medical services in Riviera Beach. The decision to expand in this community derived after a health assessment identified concerning health issues affecting Riviera Beach residents in zip code 33404. The study found the average life expectancy of Riviera Beach community members was 69 compared to 81 in Palm Beach County and within areas of Riviera Beach up to 48% of community members live below the federal poverty line compared to the 13% average in Palm Beach County.

“People in our community, especially in Riviera Beach, should not have to decide whether to put food on the table or go to the doctor,” said FoundCare CEO Christopher Irizarry. “The time to help those in need is now, and FoundCare is honored to lead the way.”

In an effort to begin providing services to Riviera Beach community members and increase access to care, FoundCare is securing a mobile health unit that will provide primary care services directly to Riviera Beach community members by the end of 2022. This was made possible with support from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation. FoundCare also added adult primary care services to their Greenwood location, which sits less than three miles from Riviera Beach. The Greenwood health center, located at 5205 Greenwood Avenue in West Palm Beach, now offers adult and pediatric primary care services.

“These efforts reflect FoundCare’s continued commitment and dedication to improve the quality of life of others by increasing access to the healthcare services they provide,” said Riviera Beach Mayor Ronnie Felder. “We are proud to support FoundCare’s expansion into Riviera Beach because of their ability to lead with purpose and willingness to be a voice for those who are often forgotten about in our community.”

“Having access to healthcare for the entire family unit within the city of Riviera Beach will address one of the social determinants of health to produce a healthier and longer lifespan for decades to come,” said Kerry-Ann Dixon, Registered Nurse and Chair of the Riviera Beach Health Initiative Resident Advisory Committee (RBHI). “The members of this committee have worked diligently to provide our personal and professional experiences to ensure that the needs of this community are at the forefront throughout this entire process.”

The RBHI Resident Advisory Committee, supported by Community Partners of South Florida, is a group of Riviera Beach residents that serves to provide input on ways to improve resident health and wellness outcomes from their perspective and that of the community. Members help promote the Initiative in the community, which includes FoundCare’s expansion into Riviera Beach. This input informed the Initiative’s initial strategies and roll-out and continues to inform its improvement over time.

FoundCare’s new community health center will be located at 3501 Broadway Avenue in Riviera Beach and is projected to open in 2024. The City of Riviera Beach has partnered with the project by giving FoundCare the land for a 99-year lease at a dollar per year in order to ensure their residents never go without health care. Although $8M is secured for the $12M construction project, FoundCare will need to raise the remaining $4M and calls on their community to help. Donations are welcome in any amount and will help FoundCare further its mission to provide quality healthcare and social services for all individuals and families.

FoundCare offers pediatric, adult, and geriatric primary care, chronic disease management, behavioral health services, dentistry, laboratory services, women’s health (including screening mammography), X-rays, and an on-site pharmacy. FoundCare’s services are accessible throughout their seven locations in Palm Beach County, with their Palm Springs health center conveniently offering all services in one location. The Riviera Beach health center will be FoundCare’s eighth service site in Palm Beach County. FoundCare’s Boynton Beach location, which served solely as a social service site, is currently under renovation to begin providing primary care services in 2023.

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The first rendition of FoundCare’s Riviera Beach health center (subject to change).