Pictured: Palm Beach County Commissioner Michael A. Barnett with CEO Christopher F. Irizarry. 


During a recent meeting between Palm Beach County Commissioner Michael A. Barnett and FoundCare staff, various topics including the impact on the community and mutual admiration for Palm Beach County were discussed. Commissioner Barnett visited FoundCare's main office in Palm Springs, one of the municipalities he oversees, on March 29th to engage in an open dialogue with the team. Throughout the conversation, Commissioner Barnett shared insights into his role and showcased a strong commitment to the community's well-being. He also attentively listened to staff members' concerns as fellow Palm Beach County residents and learned about their experiences with FoundCare.

FoundCare extends gratitude to Commissioner Barnett for his unwavering support in our mission to provide quality healthcare and social services to all individuals and families. His willingness to connect with FoundCare staff demonstrates his dedication to nurturing a thriving and inclusive community.