On April 25, FoundCare opened its doors to the future generation of healthcare professionals by hosting a vibrant and engaging Bring Your Kids to Work Day event. The day was filled with fun activities, educational tours, and inspiring moments, providing children with a firsthand look at the world of healthcare.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from FoundCare's CEO, Christopher Irizarry, and Board President, Vivianne Jean-Francois, who led the young visitors on an exciting tour of the health center. The children had the unique opportunity to explore various departments, interact with staff, and see the day-to-day operations of a healthcare facility. Mr. Irizarry emphasized the significance of the event, saying, "Bringing our kids to work not only helps them understand what we do but also inspires them to consider careers in healthcare. By exposing them to this environment early on, we hope to spark their interest and encourage them to grow up to be the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals of tomorrow."

The day continued with a range of activities designed to engage and entertain the young attendees. One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for children to shadow their parents and other staff members, giving them a glimpse into the responsibilities and rewards of working in healthcare. In addition to shadowing, the kids participated in interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities that showcased different aspects of medical care. They learned about the importance of hygiene, basic first aid, and even got to try on medical scrubs and lab coats, which added an element of fun and excitement to the day.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day holds special importance for health centers like FoundCare. With the healthcare industry continually evolving and the demand for skilled professionals on the rise, inspiring young minds to pursue careers in this field is essential. By providing children with positive role models and firsthand experiences, FoundCare aims to nurture their curiosity and passion for healthcare.

FoundCare's Bring Your Kids to Work Day was more than just a fun outing; it was a meaningful and inspiring experience that left a lasting impression on the young participants. As CEO Christopher Irizarry aptly put it, "Today, we planted the seeds of inspiration. We hope that these young minds will be the ones to innovate, care, and lead in the healthcare industry, ensuring a healthier future for all."

The smiles and laughter that filled the health center that day were a testament to the event's positive impact.


The event concluded with a group photo, capturing the joyous spirit of the day and the hope for a bright future in healthcare. FoundCare looks forward to continuing this tradition and inspiring more young individuals in the years to come. Pictured is CEO Christopher Irizarry with some of the kids who participated.