You couldn’t miss Zulma if you tried. She’s vivacious, witty, and has an infectious laugh—a laugh that meets you before you even see Zulma, and tickles you to the point of laughing along even if you’d missed her joke. So, when I met Zulma for the first time, it was her jokes and our laughs that broke the ice, and while this was my first experience with her, I quickly realized that this is the kind of rapport she maintains with the healthcare providers and staff at FoundCare.

“I come here because I feel welcome and I feel heard. And so, I make everyone laugh and we have a nice time.”

Zulma, a senior who receives care from FoundCare, has been a resident of Palm Beach County since she moved from Puerto Rico 52 years ago. She has seen firsthand that the community has changed drastically over the last five decades, and happily shared with me some of the differences between now and then: “people were kinder and more respectful then”. Our brief encounter ends as quickly as it began, but it ends with Zulma sharing why she chooses FoundCare: “For someone like me who has seen it all and remembers a time when people treated their clients with dignity, FoundCare was the best choice—my input about my health is valued here. I feel valued here.”