In honor of Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day, we put together four reasons you should take your loved one (and yourself) to the doctor. FoundCare is taking extra precautions to provide a safe environment for our patients and staff. Don't let the pandemic keep you and your loved ones from receiving the care you need. Virtual and in-person appointments are available for both new and existing patients. 

Here are the top four reasons you should take a loved one (and yourself) to the doctor.

They can save your life! 

Your doctor will perform a series of exams and tests that will help identify any health concerns early on. Early detection of health problems will allow you to get the treatment you need to avoid or further complicate underlying health issues. Survival rates improve dramatically when cancer is diagnosed early. Early detection of diabetes reduces the risk of serious complications such as premature heart disease, stroke, blindness, limb amputations, and kidney failure. 

It will save you money. 

The cost for additional medical services from complications due to lack of treatment and early detection can add up in a short amount of time. The CDC states that chronic diseases that are avoidable through preventive care services account for 75% of the nation’s healthcare spending. You can avoid costly medical services just by visiting a doctor once a year. 

Your risk of complications decreases significantly.  

If you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition, your risk of complications will significantly decrease due to close monitoring with your doctor. Your doctor can also provide resources to different educational training sessions and support groups that will help you cope while adjusting to your new lifestyle. 

You’ll improve your health and your lifespan. 

Doctors can identify health concerns that you may not be thinking about. High blood pressure, for example, doesn’t usually present any symptoms but, over time, can cause heart disease. By speaking with your doctor early on about health concerns, you’ll be able to make the necessary lifestyle changes needed in order to prevent chronic health conditions from developing. In return, you’ll live a longer, healthier life. 

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