When we say we have the best employees, we truly mean it!

Today we would like to take a moment to highlight and thank all of our staff who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to continue to provide health services to our patients who need it most during this time.

At the beginning of the pandemic, our health centers remained open, and our FoundCare team never faltered in their duties. They continued to provide the best customer service and care to our patients despite the uncertainty of COVID-19. Our managers and directors made sure our health centers continued to run successfully, with the safety of our staff and patients a top priority. Our janitorial staff worked around the clock to disinfect and clean our facilities. Our pharmacy and transportation team delivered vital medications directly to our patients' homes. Our IT department implemented system changes to make mobile check-in and telehealth services available to our patients so that they could meet with their doctor from the comfort of their homes. Our Case Managers continued to monitor and advocate services for their patients, providing meal pick-up events and food cards to help patients meet their nutritional needs. Our Outreach team continued to test for HIV and Hepatitis C, providing at-home testing kits that individuals could mail in, and they were part of the support staff that helped provide COVID-19 testing to those in our community.


Whether it was managing our COVID-19 hotline, providing COVID-19 testing, or continuing to schedule and provide services to our patients, our FoundCare team took on the challenge and, to this day, continue to help provide these vital services to our community, during this period of uncertainty.

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In honor of National Health Center Week, we invite you to celebrate FoundCare, as well as all Community Health Centers, for their ability to adapt during difficult and uncertain times in order to continue to provide comprehensive primary health care services and support services to those who need it most in our community.