Dr. Leslie Diaz, Medical Director at FoundCare and Infectious Disease Chair at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, has been a resource of knowledge to our community throughout the pandemic. Dr. Diaz works tirelessly on the frontlines providing valuable insight into the best course of action to take when it comes to treating patients with COVID-19. She has seen firsthand how COVID-19 affects patients who test positive and need hospital care and has been a pillar of hope to many. Dr. Diaz recently earned the Physician of the Quarter at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, which highlights those who go above and beyond for patients in the hospital. We are proud to have Dr. Diaz on the FoundCare team and thank her for her outstanding work in our community.

In honor of National Health Center Week, we invite you to celebrate FoundCare as well as all Community Health Centers, for providing access to affordable, quality healthcare, during and beyond the pandemic.