Helping Children Cope with Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Children respond to stress in different ways. They can be more clingy, angry, agitated, or do things they normally don't. Respond to your child's reactions in a supportive way. Give them extra time and attention. Listen to their concerns, speak kindly, and reassure them.

Keep children close to parents and family, and avoid separating them and their caregivers as much as possible. If separation occurs, ensure regular contact and reassurance.

Keep to regular routines and schedules as much as possible. You can also create new ones in new environments. Include school/learning and time for safely playing and relaxing.

Provide facts about the situation, how it happened, and what's going on now. Give clear information about how to reduce their risk of being infected in a language they understand (depending on their age) and in a reassuring way.

Content provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)