FoundCare is grateful to Gene Martin for sharing his journey to mental wellness with us. By sharing his story with others, Gene is helping break down the walls of stigma around mental health. Thank you, Gene Martin, for allowing us to share your story. Through education and awareness, we can make those around us aware of the importance of not only talking about mental health but how we can obtain mental wellness and positive mental well-being by seeking support. 

Our mental health affects how we think, feel, and act which directly correlates with how we handle stress, make choices, and relate to others. Studies have found that many health problems are related to mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. Stress alone can cause high blood pressure, obesity, headaches, and other negative symptoms. 

If you feel significant distress in your life or just need someone to talk to, now is the time to seek support. If you are a FoundCare patient, please call 561-472-5849. For those who are not currently a patient with FoundCare, additional resources are available by calling 211 or by visiting