Level Up is a program that provides a forum where young adults aged 18 through 24 from ZIP codes 33401 and 33407, can come together to discuss real-life issues and choices. Participants attend two peer group meetings (two hours each) to share their feelings and experiences and discuss how they play a part in the choices they make. Topics covered include sexual health, substance use and abuse, and HIV and STI prevention. The group sessions, which are moderated by Level Up staff, are held in locations throughout downtown West Palm Beach. Participants who attend both sessions and a 30-day follow-up appointment recieve incentives that may include gift cards, t-shirts and sunglasses.  

Those who are interested in becoming more involved have the opportunity to receive training that will provide them with the tools to become Level Up Promoters. Level Up Promoters share information about the program, including the importance of HIV education and testing,  with their friends, coworkers and others in their community. Promoters will receive monthly gift cards in exchange for their time.

Fore more information or to register for the next peer group, please call 561-472-2466 x125.